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Who are we?

WESS (Women in Economics Students' Society) is a University of Melbourne based student club (founded in 2020)  encouraging the pursuit of careers in economics among women and increased representation.


WESS encourages women to immerse themselves in the discipline, while providing them with the knowledge needed to establish a successful career in economics. We believe an integral element of this is facilitating discussions, spreading awareness, representation in the workforce for women in economics and getting students involved in our events catered specifically to those looking to succeed in Economics. 

Our Core Aims


Sharing perspectives of

Women in Economics


Building a platform for interaction

with those in the industry 

Encouraging research and discussion of economics

Public Work Space

"WESS is an amazing club which offers

friendly support to those interested in economics,  whether that be through discussions, networking or industry insights."

- Nicole, 2021 WESS Vice President 




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