Above the Clouds

About Us

WESS (Women in Economics Students' Society) is a student group (founded in 2020) whose primary focus is representation in the workforce for women in economics. WESS encourages women to immerse themselves in the discipline, while providing them with the knowledge needed to establish a successful career in economics. We believe an integral element of this is facilitating discussions, spreading awareness, and getting students involved in our events catered specifically to those looking to succeed in Economics. 


Our Aims

  1. To encourage women to study and pursue a career in economics

  2. To promote gender equality of opportunity, particularly for women in economics

  3. To raise awareness of opportunities available in economics, including mentoring, internship, and graduate programs, particularly for women

  4. To celebrate role models in the field of economics, particularly women

  5. To disseminate information and promote discussion on economic issues

  6. To provide opportunities for members to meet other students who support the aims of the society 

Our Executive Committee